Boy Meets Girl

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{I base what I am about to write on the bible and so submit to you that I am qualified to share what I have learned because it is scriptural. If we do not hold things which are from God’s word to be the highest authority on these matters, we are betraying our well-hidden view that the bible is not sufficient to understand Gods view of relationships and marriage. If reading it in the bible is not enough, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. The word of God is sufficient in these matters, we have what we need in the bible.

To Be Alone With You - Singleness


Before we set off down the road of what God says about the interactions between men and women in His word, a few things need to be made very clear. The church has often placed a great deal of value and emphasis on people who are not single, often because it is slow to understand the culture that surrounds it. Focussing on being a “family friendly church” often leads to those who are single feeling less welcome.