Is Sickness Ever Part of God's Will?


Ever since I have been sharing about what I have learned from God’s word, there are certain questions that keep being asked or being uncovered through conversations that seem to begin with unrelated issues. The answers to these questions are actually at the core of who God is and who we understand Him to be. When faced with the idea that God is in control of all circumstances in space and time (known as God’s sovereignty Lamentations 3:37), a lot of people have at least one of these 3 questions:

Only Believe

Salvation is obtained through complete belief and faith in Jesus Christ alone, the God of the Bible; and what HE did for ALL humanity. Not baptism, not works, no physical acts, sacrifice, just being a good person, or anything that we humans can do to provide OURSELVES a seat in heaven; the sole requirement is pure and total faith in God and HIS sacrifice for mankind; accepting God into your heart.

To Be Alone With You - Singleness


Before we set off down the road of what God says about the interactions between men and women in His word, a few things need to be made very clear. The church has often placed a great deal of value and emphasis on people who are not single, often because it is slow to understand the culture that surrounds it. Focussing on being a “family friendly church” often leads to those who are single feeling less welcome.

How much of my income should I give to God?

Recently I was asked by someone not from our church, “How much of my income should I give to God?” This is a wonderful question - and by the way, it is the right question to ask. It also demonstrates spiritual growth and a heart to please and honour the Lord. I did my best to address their "tithing" question with the following comments:

Grace & The Holy Spirit

the holy spirit
An analysis of the relationship between grace and the Holy Spirit. It does this by showing the works of grace under two categories of grace, Chesed and Chen, and describing the role of the Holy Spirit in those works. The significance of the Spirit of God of the Old Testament being the Holy Spirit of the New Testament is then presented. The theological gain of this recognition is demonstrated.

Is “Let Go and Let God” actually bad for the Christian?

let go let god
You may have heard the rather pithy sounding phrase “Let Go and Let God” from inspirational calendars or as an off the cuff comment in a sermon, but do you know what it implies or where it comes from?

The phrase was coined as a catchcry for what is known as Keswick Theology which was formulated in the late 1800s in an attempt to spur the church onwards toward what they called a higher life.